Homeopathy in Sonam’s hands becomes a formidable experience. Her intuitive powers coupled with her extensive knowledge of the Science of Homeopathy, work as a catalyst for the body. The result is outstanding. The body has no choice but to heal itself in a profound and holistic way.

~Lia Meimarides

After being treated for rheumatoid arthritis with Sonam Kushner, I am glad to say that the results are astonishing. I am back to my Zumba classes, my crocheting, my normal life, feeling well, without using the anti-rheumatic drugs. Sonam’s professionalism is beyond doubt 100% outstanding. She is always there when you need her. I feel fortunate to have found an exceptional homeopathic professional that enables me with efficient and consistent options, to deal with this chronic illness.

~Fausta Boscacci, PhD

Your presence exudes strength, security, and warmth; thank you for all you do. If not for you and your extraordinary remedies, I would not be so far along on my journey back to self. One day, very soon, I will see myself (who I was meant to be) perhaps standing on the platform of a train station. We will see each other and smile knowing we are on our way home. Maybe that time is even now. There are no words for my gratitude.

~Jeanne Pascale

After years of suffering with chronic allergies, asthma, and eczema I came to Sonam hoping for an alternative to the medications I had been taking to treat them. Through several sessions, Sonam came up with a remedy that not only relieved the symptoms, but completely got rid of them. I am happy to say that I am not on any allergy medications for the first time in 18 years.

~Evan Santangelo

I cannot speak more highly of Sonam and her dedication to healing through homeopathy. I first experienced homeopathy as a child when ‘conventional’ medicine/doctors could find no explanation for my nausea upon eating anything at all at the age of 8. Three doses of a homeopathic remedy relieved my issue within 48 hours and I have been a huge supporter of homeopathy since.

I needed a new homeopath when I moved to NYC (to be able to see someone in person) and turned to Sonam when my eldest child was 2 months old and suffering with eczema. I have since birthed 2 more children, and Sonam has been our family homeopath for the last 7 years. We turn to her for help before anyone else! To give some examples: just yesterday my 5-year old daughter suffered excrutiating pain in her ear following a sore throat, and 24 hours after Sonam’s help she is back to her normal self! Earlier this year, Sonam also helped my husband to regain his sense of smell/taste which he lost after testing positive for Covid-19, just one day after taking her ‘prescribed’ remedy.

Sonam’s knowledge of homeopathy is incredible and I am in awe of her ability to interpret symptoms, both physical and mental/emotional, into a remedy. She also knows that sometimes remedies are not necessary and provides guidance as to when things ought to just be left alone.

I have and will continue to recommend Sonam to anyone in need of homeopathic help (which is most of the world!!), and will continue to turn to her to help my family remain strong and healthy.

Thank you, Sonam!!

~Jazz Sahota

For the past few years, Sonam has worked on me and my boys who are now 5 and 9 years old. Sometimes it is hard to describe what is really wrong with you. But that’s okay. During the 2 hour appointment she will ask you questions that are simple and sometimes seem unrelated to your complaints, but as you approach the end of the session she will have all the information to uncover the underlying/core issues that may have been suppressed deep inside. I honestly don’t know how she does it, but each time I am fascinated to find that the remedy she chooses is the perfect match to the person’s entire being-physically/mentally/spiritually. The results have been so subtle yet so deep that I almost forget that the problems existed in the first place! I used to have an endless quest for health and healing. Now I feel so secure about my and my children’s health because I can always turn to Sonam in case things go wrong.

~Aya Morimoto

At just barely two years old, my daughter, Izzy had chronic styes all around her eyes. These styes were very large, painful, and ugly. Doctors told us there was nothing we could do about this condition; that it was chronic and that she could even scar. We gave her antibiotics, but this did not help at all! Sonam came to the rescue when we had just about given up. We followed her simple directions to the T and dramatically Izzy became stye free! We will be forever in her debt. It’s been eight years now, and Izzy has never had any more styes. Thank you, Sonam.

~Elena Hanson

I first went to Sonam because my two-year-old had been diagnosed with “reactive airway disorder” and was coughing every night for over three months. The pulmonary specialist we consulted wanted to treat her with steroids. I was opposed to the idea and sought alternative solutions. Our visit to Sonam was my first experience with homeopathy. I appreciate her sensitivity to the difficult decisions I faced regarding my daughter’s care.

After one dose of the remedy Sonam suggested, my daughter stopped coughing immediately. Over the past year, she has gone from having many ear infections, colds that always went into her chest or bronchial tubes, and the nightly cough that plagued her, to being a much healthier child, with very few illnesses.

~Caty Bartholomew

When I first started to look into homeopathic care, I was hoping to find somebody who could be able to help my daughter Allegra, then aged four, for her skin problem, but I knew that part of her condition could be also due to the fact that she is extremely connected and emotionally susceptible to what is around her.

I like Sonam’s non-aggressive approach to healthcare, and her way to see physical problems as part of a whole with our inner feelings. I think that she is really able to listen and to communicate with my daughter in depth. For her part, Allegra really enjoys talking to Sonam and playing with the toys in her office!

~Silvia Berman

Sonam is a gifted healer. She has helped me be more settled and less reactive – physically and emotionally. She chooses remedies that support deep, gentle work at the intersection of physical and emotional well-being.

~Jo H.

New York Homeopathy